Personalized Transformational Guidance

Each exercise program is customized to your level, goal(s), equipment and available space.

One on One Habit Wellness Coaching

(3 Month Commitment)

 $1,475.00: Monthly billing option

Your program includes

1 hour Discovery Call: This is where we build your foundation and where I find out your current daily habits.

3- custom made workouts or zoom class.

Once a week progress/accountability call: Every week we will concentrate on one or two habits that will make a big difference over time. We will discuss and discover if your new habits are sticking or if we need to tweak something.

Nutrition: What we eat matters. We will touch base every week on adding more whole foods, drinking more water as well as other specific nutritional habits that you may need to add to your life.

Sleep/Recovery: Your body can not heal when it does not have adequate sleep/rest. We will discover  your best before bed habits, as well as anything that is holding you back from getting the sleep your body needs.

Mindset: So much of what we do and who we are is how we think. Although this is last on the list, it really is the most important and something we will focus on a lot in every session we are together.

One on One Habit Wellness Coaching

(6 Month Commitment)

$2,550: Monthly billing options

This program includes everything that the 3 month program offers, but more time to develop the habits you need to improve your life and health.

Nutrition Awareness and Accountability Coaching

(12 month program)

 $425 per month: Paid in full option

One of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to changing our eating habits is awareness.  If you are tired of knowing you should be eating healthier, practicing better portion control, as well as breaking any patterns of your current eating habits that are not serving your health in a positive way, this program is designed for you.

This program will provide you with the accountability and support you need to see the lasting changes. When you have someone to guide and direct you in the direction of your goals, and help you stay on track with your commitment to change, then your ability to overcome obstacles/setbacks increases.

This program also provides you with the time to build consistency in your new habits. Only with consistency and time can new mindsets and habits become rooted in your day-to-day routine, and this is when results become reality for life.

What the program includes:

 45 min zoom consultation

 15 min weekly zoom check in calls

 30 min monthly overcoming new habit reshaping calls

You will also have access to a custom app where your can access workouts and habit trackers to help keep you accountable on a daily basis.

Programs designed for you to do when and anywhere you want


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