• Before working with Janelle, my diet and workout plans were unstructured, overly demanding, and harmful to my emotional and physical well-being. Janelle has offered me invaluable guidance on how to tailor my workout and diet to match my fitness goals allowing me to make tremendous progress under her skillful coaching. I am no longer afraid to listen to my body and take rest when I need it, I feel more in touch with my hunger cues, and I am looking and feeling stronger than ever. Not only did Janelle improve my physical well-being but she has also established a sense of confidence in my abilities allowing me to be more successful both in and out of the gym. I am so grateful to know Janelle and consider her both a friend and a mentor. If you want a coach that will be there for you in times of need, will get you in the best shape of your life, and who ACTUALLY cares about YOU, not just your monthly deposits, Janelle is your girl.
    Kate R.
  • I am a 5 year retired fire fighter for city of Albuquerque I met Janelle about a year ago when i was looking for a personal fitness trainer. After meeting Janelle I was immediately impressed with her level of fitness and her rapport. I introduced myself and spoke with her about her fitness ideas and other dimensions of total health. I was very impressed with how well read she was on the latest concepts and also where she wanted to go with it in the future. That was all i needed to hear as my thoughts paralleled hers. I then asked if she could train me for a few months and she was awesome. She was very astute at evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and designing a program appropriate for my healthy improvement. I feel she is the top trainer out there and i highly recommend her to anybody seeking to improve their health and fitness.
    Cedric D
  • For some time I have been searching for a trainer that does not have the “one size fits all” mentality. I am a dancer and wanted a program designed that was specific to my needs, luckily I found that trainer in Janelle. As a dancer herself Janelle understood the need for flexibility combined with complex movement. She incorporated balance challenges within my weight bearing program, always with a smile, positive reinforcement and encouragement for life balance! If that weren’t enough she has had training in Physical Therapy and has helped me stretch at a moments notice to relieve pain and realign my body so I can go on with my day pain free. Janelle is a cut above both as a teacher and trainer and I am grateful to be here client.
    Sandra A.
  • I’ve been a “athlete” of an amateur level for 35 years. I’ve always been rather self-motivated but since turning 50 I’ve struggled a lot with injuries and lack of motivation to do only what I need. Finding Janelle has been the best thing that could have happened to me! She is so attentive to what I need – listens to what’s going on in my life and with my body. She’s extremely knowledgeable and never gives me anything that will hurt my bad arm/shoulder. There’s no way to ever be bored with Janelle – she’s got a HUGE bag of tricks to play on me every time we meet. Her knowledge of fitness goes beyond just weights and exercises – she knows all the other aspects of a healthy person and how to advise on other things too! She’s the BEST choice if you want to be happy, healthy and fit!
    Linda S
  • Janelle is an amazing personal trainer! During the time Janelle was my personal trainer not only did I loose weight, but my strength and overall well-being skyrocketed. She demonstrates the correct way to do a workout and is always there for encouragement – and sometimes the ‘tough love’ when I had missed my individual workouts. Janelle is committed to her clients….I had informed Janelle at the start of our training that I was not a runner and did not intend to become one. She did not argue with me, but simply tucked that comment away. She knows how to get into the client’s head, though. She quietly began to transform me into a runner and knew just how & when to get me onboard. And she then proceeded to run alongside me in my 1st 5K – offering me encouragement all along the way and encouraging me to dig deep to finish the race strong. I continue to utilize all of the training she taught me and am often complimented on my form – and I owe that to Janelle!
    Susan Q
  • Gosh, where to start? I was fortunate enough to meet Janelle 9 years ago. Like most, I was skeptical of “needing” a personal trainer, yet I wanted to become a better triathlete, and to do that, I needed to stop my “train hard, get injured, repeat”, cycle. We met and put together a game plan to do just that, and to make a long story short, through the years, Janelle has helped me achieve every fitness goal I have set, culminating with Ironman Boulder. She is without a doubt the best I have ever met in “corrective” exercises, or put simply – all the exercises/stretching you know you should be doing, but aren’t! Do you need to be a crazy, over the top athlete to benefit from working with Janelle? Absolutely not! She listens and will put together a program that truly is appropriate for you. Unlike most personal trainers, this is her profession, and she is excellent at it, and by the way, you will have a blast along the way. So, invest in your current and future well-being by working with Janelle. Your only regret will be you didn’t start sooner!
    Ted B
  • Over the years I have trained on and off with other trainers. I began training with Janelle over five years ago when I was experiencing chronic shoulder pain from an accident. Working with Janelle not only resolved my shoulder pain but also, gave me new motivation to improve my fitness level. Janelle is so knowledgeable and she is able to impart her knowledge in a clear, concise manner! She continues to inspire me on a daily basis to improve my fitness and, most importantly, to feel strong and empowered.
    Krista K